Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cutting a runner into half

A customer came into our rug gallery today with his wife. First they looked for a round rug, but then they changed their mind. They saw a runner that they liked but it was a bit long. They asked if I could cut the runner and make it in a size they wanted. I said it would be possible if they pay for it. They did and we cut the runner into two pieces, a longer piece and a shorter piece. Our repairman on site fixed and secured the ends. They also bought a 4x6 feet rug. They were happy when they left. They bought two pieces and took three pieces home!!

Today around noon I met with a friend who is an Oriental carpet importer and whole seller. Her establishment is in Portland, Oregon and her husband has been in carpet business for a long time as his grand father and great uncle were also involved in Persian carpet production and trade from early 1900. They had office and carpet workshops in Kerman, Iran prior to the Revolution in Iran in 1978. They are very fine people.
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