Thursday, August 28, 2008

Persian Sarouk Carpets, American Sarouk Antique Rugs Los Angeles

Two weeks ago, a couple brought an antique American Sarouk carpet with the size of 6 x 9 foot to our rug gallery. They had bought this beautiful Sarouk rug for around $250 from an estate auction!! The rug was worth around $5,000. They had taken it to another rug dealer who had said the rug was worth $10,000 and he wanted to charge them more than $2,000 to fix the fringes and repair the selvages.

Apparently the rug was sent to a rug cleaning facility in the past and they had attached a prefabricated fringe to the rug and had glued it to the rug. Doing this of rug repair was very unprofessional. The couple gave us the job. We unraveled roughly one inch from each end and the secured the fringes which were part of the foundation of the carpet. To have a balanced design, we also unraveled one each from each side and made brand new wool selvages. Now the rug look perfect and ready to be used and enjoyed for many more decades if it is properly taken care of.
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