Friday, January 21, 2011

Professionally Cleaning Sheep Skin and Lamb Skin in Los Angeles

We professionally clean many Sheep Skin and Lamp Skin rugs in Los Angeles and people who ship them to us from elsewhere. Sheep and Lamb skin rugs have extremely high maintenance. Stuff get stuck in them by the minute due to their high pile. As you get to enjoy their high quality and luxurious look, you also have to take better care of them. They have to be vacuumed anytime from one to two times a week and should be washed from every 6 months to at least once a year.

Sheep skins are also very hard to wash. We have to deep dust them first. Then we have to rinse them, shampoo them, and rinse them again. We have to use special types of enzymes to dissolve food and other particles deposited inside the pile. The water has to be immediately sucked from the sheep skin as improperly dried water will damage the wool. The final step is to then flat dry this under the sun which is the traditional and healthiest way to dry a Sheep Skin. After getting dry, we comb the Sheep Skin to bring back it's softness.
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