Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bokhara Rugs Bokhara Carpets and Turkmen Gul Design

Bokhara Carpet Design

Bokhara is a province in Uzbekistan. This country has 14 provinces with the total population of 30 million. Bokhara province has a population of around 2 million. Bokhara was a center for the trade of Turkmen carpets. These carpets had and still have a design with repetitive stylized geometric octagonal flower called Gul. Turkmen weavers used guls in rows and columns in their carpets. This design has been used in many other regions and countries around the world. It has been called Bokhara and Pakistan has been producing Bokhara design carpets since many decades ago probably from the 50’s.

Pakistani carpets with Bokhara designs were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Many of our customers who have Bokhara carpets made in Pakistan have bought these rugs in the 60’s and 70’s. Some people still like Pakistani Bokhara carpets and we receive these rugs quite often for cleaning and repair. Some of these rugs are made with New Zealand imported wool which has a silky and shiny look. Others are made with local Pakistani wool with less sheen, and luster with high pile.

This Gul design is also widely used in Afghan rugs. The Afghan rugs mostly have wool foundations while the Pakistani's have cotton foundations. 

These Bokhara Pakistani rugs were hot items in the 70’s, but there is no such a high demand for these rugs anymore. Pakistani producers and weavers have now shifted their attention to other types of rugs with less geometric, but more relaxed designs with big flowers and motifs.

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