Friday, September 30, 2011

Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay) on Judge Judy Show

A client (a couple) was desperately looking for a Nichols Chinese runner. A rug dealer in Santa Barbara, California sold such a piece to this couple for $7,500. The clients found out this runner was not what it was supposed to be and filed a lawsuit to receive their money back. I was asked to appear in court as an "Expert Witness" and present my opinion on the value of this rug to Judge Judy in her show with 10,000,000 viewers. The rug was cut and put together to make up a runner of 3' x 16' using 6 pieces from a bigger damaged worn out old Chinese carpet. I received the runner in my rug gallery and inspected it very carefully. I red-tapped all the pieces which were joined/put together to make this damaged crooked runner. The designs were missing or discontinued in several areas of the rug.  It was worth maximum $500. Judge Judy trapped the rug dealer and told him that he was a liar, but at the end, the client lost the case as it was dismissed by the Judge. It was a big surprise to the client who happened to be a business lawyer himself. You want to know why? Then watch the video clip!

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