Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Does a Dirty Rug Mirror the Personality of the Customer?

For a long time, I have thought to myself to find a correlation between the mentality/personality of a customer and the cleanness/dirtiness of his/her rug. I am getting closer to the belief that a dirty rug shows that the owner of such a rug is a careless person who does not care about being clean and having a clean and neat home. This maybe stereotyping and not true, but I am almost accepting it as a conclusion of running into so many rugs and customers like this.

How can you be a neat and clean person and live on a rug this rug shown here in these pictures?
If you are a mess person, your driving, your dress, the way in which you talk and act and maybe your rug mirror and show this. What do you think?

Khosrow Sobhe
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