Monday, March 21, 2011

Edward Fields Carpet

Since I published my earlier post on Edward Fields carpets a year ago on March 23, 2010, I have received many phone calls and e-mails regarding other Edward Fields carpets. Some of the owners of these beautiful high end carpets have pieces to sell. Some need advice on cleaning and repair. Few have had maintenance and insurance issues.

The pictures here belong to a house in Beverly Hills, CA with Edward Fields carpets. Our client who owned this house sold it and wanted us to remove the carpets, clean them, and install them in his new house. He had these carpets for almost forty years custom made for this house.

These carpets are expensive but at the same time, the material mostly wool and the dye is of such a great quality that last for decades. Having good rugs and carpets are good investment while you can use and enjoy them as well.

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