Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cutting a runner into half

A customer came into our rug gallery today with his wife. First they looked for a round rug, but then they changed their mind. They saw a runner that they liked but it was a bit long. They asked if I could cut the runner and make it in a size they wanted. I said it would be possible if they pay for it. They did and we cut the runner into two pieces, a longer piece and a shorter piece. Our repairman on site fixed and secured the ends. They also bought a 4x6 feet rug. They were happy when they left. They bought two pieces and took three pieces home!!

Today around noon I met with a friend who is an Oriental carpet importer and whole seller. Her establishment is in Portland, Oregon and her husband has been in carpet business for a long time as his grand father and great uncle were also involved in Persian carpet production and trade from early 1900. They had office and carpet workshops in Kerman, Iran prior to the Revolution in Iran in 1978. They are very fine people.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rug Repair

This morning at 10:00 we delivered 3 rugs which were picked up while ago for cleaning and repair. The customer wanted to check one of them which was an Indian silk rug measuring 10x7 feet, roughly 6m2. She liked the shine, cleanness and the softness of the rug. Both selvages were also replaced. She did not want to check the other two pieces which were Chinese wool rugs. The floor was hardwood so she needed a rug pad as well to protect the rug and the floor. I said we would deliver the underlay (the rug pad) later. She was so happy with the customized service and the quality of the job we provided her with. She said "I am glad that I found you".

We had repaired a Persian Silk Qum carpet with the size of 9x6 feet, roughly 270x180 cm for a customer. It was torn in few sections as much as 6 inches about 15 linear centimeters. We had to do a fine wefting one by one. It took us nearly a week to fix this high knot silk rug. The client came to our rug gallery this afternoon and picked up the rug. He was a friend and did not want to check the rug to see how the repair was done.

To visit our rug cleaning and repair section, please visit this link:

Green Rugs in Los Angeles

Our Dine & Learn event was held in our Persian & Oriental rug gallery in the Los Angeles showroom between 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Oct. 18, 2007. Many designers, Industry Partners and student members of the American Society of Interior Designers ( ASID ), plus few other friends and guest participated in our event. Persian and Italian food was served followed by a 12-minute video clip presentation on how Green Rugs are made with hand spun wool and vegetable dye by the nomadic Qashqai weavers, all of whom are ladies who live in south west Iran, around the city of Shiraz. This presentation was followed by a question and answer session which was addressed by the host, Dr. Khosrow Sobhe.

Two dancers then performed Iranian folk dance with Persian music. This part of the event was the most entertaining and all the participants enjoyed it. At the end of the program, raffles were drawn. Maria Dallman, the former president of ASID of the Los Angeles Chapter was the first winner who won a Persian prayer rug. Donna was the second winner who also won a Persian prayer rug. Bill McWhorter, the 2006-2007 president of the American Society of Interior Designers ( ASID ) LA Chapter, was the luckiest winner and won a beautiful Persian Green Rug with a light green color background. Bill definitely deserves such a present for all his hard work and enthusiasm.

Every body received a gift and a free "Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dummies" booklet.
Other literature such as:

1- Rug Storage Tips
2- Rug Buying Tips
3- Rug/Carpet Vacuum Cleaning Tips & FAQ's

were also given to those who were interested. If you have not received yours, please contact us and we will gladly give you one. We had a live Iranian rug weaving section and our weaver showed how a rug is made. There were many who watched the process and familiarized themselves with how a rug is made and how a knot is tied around two warps.

This program was educational, entertaining and fun. To see the photos, please visit the link below:

Being a blogger

It feels good to be a blogger. I am a rug lover and rug is my passion. I could not sleep well last night. So I got up at around 4:00 am and checked my e-mails. Then I browsed the Internet and checked few web blogs and found many other bloggers who are interested in rugs of some kind, from Australia, to India, Philippines, New Zealand and all over the world. We are fortunate to have the Internet if we know how to use it safely and wisely.

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