Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rug Repair

This morning at 10:00 we delivered 3 rugs which were picked up while ago for cleaning and repair. The customer wanted to check one of them which was an Indian silk rug measuring 10x7 feet, roughly 6m2. She liked the shine, cleanness and the softness of the rug. Both selvages were also replaced. She did not want to check the other two pieces which were Chinese wool rugs. The floor was hardwood so she needed a rug pad as well to protect the rug and the floor. I said we would deliver the underlay (the rug pad) later. She was so happy with the customized service and the quality of the job we provided her with. She said "I am glad that I found you".

We had repaired a Persian Silk Qum carpet with the size of 9x6 feet, roughly 270x180 cm for a customer. It was torn in few sections as much as 6 inches about 15 linear centimeters. We had to do a fine wefting one by one. It took us nearly a week to fix this high knot silk rug. The client came to our rug gallery this afternoon and picked up the rug. He was a friend and did not want to check the rug to see how the repair was done.

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