Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rug Liquidation 79% Off the Original Price Plus Additional 15% Off!!

I received a letter from a liquidation company which was sent to my home yesterday. The title was: "Final Days! Absolute Emergency Rug Liquidation". It was also mentioned "For the first time since 1898, ... Liquidation Company has been assigned to privately liquidate twenty million dollars worth of rare hand-knotted rugs." The claim goes on and states: "The entire inventory is one-of-a-kind and is marked down absolutely 79% the original ticketed price on sales for absolute emergency liquidation. As a preferred customer, you will ... save additional 15% off starting today."

There is no date for the start and end of the liquidation! Besides, 75% off plus additional 15% because I am so special would come to a total of 94%. This means I only pay 6% of the value and the price of the rug to buy it!! The liquidation will be held in Pasadena, a city some 20 miles north east of Los Angeles. Who are these people? Do they expect potential customers to believe in these big claims?!

What do you think?

DR. Khosrow Sobhe
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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Dave said...

Dr. Sobhe, these sales are bad. We've been to many similar. It is important people know the best place to shop for a rug is at a rug store with proven integrity.

One recent 80% off sale was held at an otherwise "reputable" department store here in NY two weeks ago. "Retail values" the percentage to be taken off from were completely bogus... On the verge of outrageous and offensive.

Eventually we got the salesman to admit the prices were more than unrealistic. The salesman was adamant 80% off was his best price, but I decided to negotiate:

Within 5 minutes of discussion, I negotiated an additional 22% lower and he offered a pad. Had I pressed harder and offered cash to circumvent credit card fees with no pad, I am sure he would have gone down another 10%. This is a nation wide chain which I have never heard of being willing to negotiate. While I don't like doing this, I wanted to test the water.

After all was said and done, it was not nearly what I would consider "a deal". He kept telling me the rug was a 50-60 year old semi-antique, but it was a brand new (newer than 10 year old) Peshawar with aging wash!

Unfortunately for the public, rarely are there deals to be had with this type of sale. Suggested retail price in our opinion should be what the rug of similar type, quality, condition, origin, design, size and colors have sold for in the past.

Sellers such as the ones above are doing a disservice to the public and industry alike. It's unfair when sellers with integrity who have real sales with real prices marked 50% off to be compared with less reputable sellers such as this.

The article is titled "Mystery Shopping 80% off Rugs" and we have a short video too.

All the best,