Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rug Cruelty

Less than two years ago, we picked up few very good rugs from a client's home; one 9' x 12' and one 2' x 4' American Sarouk rugs, one Afghan rug and several other pieces. They needed some minor repairs and cleaning which we did. When we delivered the rugs, the customer wanted us to wrap them separately and individually so she could store them for a while. She wanted to have some remodeling done in her house. We did the wrapping in her yard.

Two weeks ago, the same customer called and said she had finished the remodeling and wanted to use the carpets, but since the rugs were in a storage unwrapped by a moving company with whom she had worked in the past, she needed our opinion to see if the rugs needed cleaning. We went to her home to inspect the rugs. Unbelievable!! All the rugs smelled terrible. On the back of several of them, you could see mold and mildew. When we opened the antique lovely American Sarouk rug, it was heart breaking and shockening. There were many dry-rot places and a big hole as big as a dish in the middle of the rug in the upper side of this beautiful antique rug which had been in our customers family forever. The big old Hamedan rug was also no exception to this crime againts art and culture. The customer was running out of word and was speechless. She could not believe her eyes as she had not unrolled and had not opened the rugs. Unbelievable scene!!

Why should a storage/moving company be so irresponsible?!

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. KAy)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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