Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rugs and Color

Customers who want to buy rugs, care a lot about the color. If the color is not right for a client, there is very little chance that we can sell that rug. I do not know from where I took these notes on colors, but I like to share them with you.

Black= Authority, power, sophistication, and elegance
Blue= Loyalty, calming, honesty, and trustworthiness
Brown= genuineness and sometimes sadness
Gold= Prestige and sometimes expensive taste
Gray= Corporate, somber and practical appeal
Green= Feeling of nature, regeneration and growth
Dark Green= Conservatism and wealth
Orange= Happiness, freedom, confidence, playfulness, and confidence
Pink= Sweetness, softness, and innocence
Purple= Mystical , spiritual tones, sophistication, and wealth
Silver= Prestige, but it is also cold, and scientific
White= Neutral, clean, youth, peace, and purity

I do not know if these color traits mean the same to every rug client, but I found them very interesting and maybe helpful in studying rug customers behavior.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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