Friday, February 25, 2011

Los Angeles Rug Cleaning and

Besides selling many types of rugs, we do professional rug cleaning and repair. The DBA under which we do these services is called Los Angeles Rug Cleaning and the website related to this DBA is called

Now this DBA and website has become a brand and we receive many calls every day from clients who are looking for and asking for our services. This has tempted some rug or carpet cleaners to imitate us and use our name or our copy righted materials from our web site. I just noticed that a rug cleaner in the San Fernando Valley area specifically from a town called Reseda north of Los Angeles has copied the entire page from our website's homepage. I contacted them and asked them to remove that. They wrote to me:

"Dear Mr. Sobhe,

This is H. R., I didn't know that you did carpet cleaning at all and I thought that you only sold rugs. I never looked at your site or my employees. I don't know what word you are concerned about but please let me know what paragraph and which page is disturbing your business or bothering you.

My site has nothing that I know about copied from any site. Please let me know what is the wording and I will have the wording corrected."

It seems that they should know what I do in order not to copy our content or not to use our registered trade mark. I wrote to them that it is not a word, sentence, line, or a paragraph. It is the ENTIRE page and provided them with the link. This is what they wrote back to me:

"Dear Mr. Sobhe,

I will email this to our web site designer and see what is going on. I have never seen this particular page on our home page and will see when it was changed. I hope that we are not using the same people for our web site optimization. As you know they are constantly changing the sites. It will be removed as soon as possible."

What kind of a businessman are you that you do not have any idea of your website! After I told them that they should remove all of our contents from their website otherwise our lawyers will take appropriate legal actions, they fixed their content and removed our stuff from their website.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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