Monday, March 14, 2011

Rug Appraisal Rug Appraisers in Los Angeles

Some of our customers contact us and need rug appraisals. This can be for insurance purposes in case if they want to insure their rugs. Sometimes they have had water damages in their homes and they need to get appraisal to determine the lost value of the rugs due to flood caused by pipe breakage, laundry machine, or similar causes.

In some cases when parents pass away, the heirs would like to know the value of the rugs they have to be able to split the rugs. And this is when our appraisal services come in. In some cases, customers just want to know today's market value of their rugs and this has nothing to do with the legal or insurance aspects.

We have two types of rates and jobs. One is verbal and for information purposes. The other type is issuing certificates with all the technical details such as the origin, design, size, construction, knots per square inch and today's market value. For our own file, we also take high resolution digital pictures of the rugs.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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