Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Than Rug Repair!

We received this severely damaged 200-year old Persian Mahal rug three months ago by mail from Guam, a U.S. territory island 6,000 miles away right by China. We worked on it for around 75 days and brought it back to life again. One of our challenges to restore this unique rug was to match the design. In many cases in the rugs we repair, the designs are symmetrical and if a part is missing, we can use other parts to figure out the missing design. But the design of this rug was no symmetrical so we had to visualize and guess what the missing designs looked like.

We finished the job yesterday and I cannot wait to ship this rug back to Guam to hear from our client. I am sure she will be overwhelmed. This is way more than a rug repair! That is why I love my job. It is never boring.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)
Tel. 310-770-9085

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