Sunday, December 18, 2011

Afshars, Afshar Kilims, Afshar Carpets Rugs Black Tents

Afshars have a long history of presence in Iran which goes back to the 11th century. They share some traditions and culture with other tribes such as Qashqa'i tribe. They both have beautiful rug weaving traditions and live in black tents made of goat hair. Cotton and lamb's wool are not greasy and oily therefore these tribes use goat hair to make tents. Since goat hair is greasy, it is waterproof and ideal material to make tents out of.

Here, I am posting pictures of an Afshar black tent I took in a trip to Sirdjan, a town 110 miles south of Kerman in and around which many Afshars live. I am also posting pictures of an Afshar lady from whom we bought a couple of sumac bags in the same trip.

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