Monday, October 14, 2013

Rug Cleaning Is Not Do It Yourself At Home!

 A young couple walked in to our rug store in tears. They had received a hand knotted Persian Kashan carpet as a wedding gift from the wife's parent. It became dirt after a while and they wanted to do some artwork and washed it at home. It bled and all the red dye migrated to the white/ivory ares of the rug. They panicked and called a friend whom they thought new about rugs. She recommended using yogurt which she thought would remove the bleeding. It made it worse.
The stain on the lower right is the yogurt artwork

We dusted the rug first, and washed it professionally with wool shampoo, rinsed and dried it properly. We also did some stain removal work and the outcome came out pretty good. When they came in to pick up the rug, the husband said now this rug looks better than ever before. They left our store smiling.
  After cleaning/stain removal photo
Rug cleaning is a professional job. It is not do it yourself at home. Leave it to professionals and do what you do best.

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