Friday, November 22, 2013

Rug Storage Tips By Rug Ideas Los Angeles

Rug Storage Tips

Before storing your rugs, you should prepare them to be put away properly. 

1) Professionally clean your rug! When a rug is put away while still dirty, it provides the perfect environment for moths to lay eggs and breed. Additionally, we offer a non-toxic moth guard spray that will change the taste of your wool or silk rug, making it unpalatable to moths. A deep cleaning and moth guarding, in addition to the following steps will go a long way in keeping your rugs safe.

2) Use the correct materials. Using plastics of any kind is not recommended for long term storage. This can cause the rug to sweat. You should use heavy duty acid-free paper that you can buy from Home Depot or Staples.

3) Roll the rug with mothballs – or, if you can’t stand the smell, you can also use tobacco leaves to keep moths away.

4) Seal the acid-free paper with packing tape to keep papers in place.

5) Store the rug in an appropriate place. Your storage space should be dry and ventilated – i.e. not a humid basement that attracts insects. It's also important to elevate the rug. When your rug is on the ground, it's susceptible to water from floods or broken pipes.

6) Regular inspection is essential for your stored rug. Even when you take these precautions, you should still check on your rug every few months. Moths can do a lot of damage, but it only becomes widespread after a long period of time. Extensive damage doesn't happen overnight and can be prevented with regular cleaning and inspection.

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