Friday, April 8, 2016

Deep Cleaning Starts with Thorough Dusting at Rug Ideas

Our 10-step deep cleaning and hand washing starts from dusting. If a rug is not dusted properly, a mud bath would be created, and we do not want to give the rug a bath in its own mud.

In some cases our clients do not know how dusty their rugs are until we do a little test in front of them to witness the dust shooting out of their rug.

Individual wet washing, shampooing, and using different types of enzymes on each rug guarantees a good result.

We have a labeling system so if a rug is contaminated with pet accidents and urine it is labeled as such, then we use a different type of enzyme to break down the urine molecules in the wash process. We identify those areas and extract the cloudy water until the water becomes crystal clear to make sure there is no urine/contamination left in the rug.

Fringe detailing is another part of our tedious wash process to make sure fringes are super clean.

Taking before and after cleaning pictures of each rug is another step we take to make sure everything is done properly.

We spend a lot of time and energy on each rug from the beginning to the end of the wash process. This would result in having happy customers.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)
Certified Rug Appraiser (CRA)
Tel. 310-770-9085

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