Monday, May 5, 2008

Moth Damaged Persian Hand Knotted Kerman Rug and A Moth Damaged Qum Rug

We received a call from a customer in Beverly Hills for a rug cleaning. When we went to this customer's place, we saw an unbelievable scene. A very fine old 9 x 12 hand knotted Persian Kerman carpet severely damaged by moth who were still inside the rolled rug in thousands. Pounds of moth eggs, thousand of worms and flies were there having a party at the expense of the owner of the rug. It was unbelievable!!

She also had a 6 x 9 Persian Qum, rug this one with slight moth damage but with some damage on one end. We took both rugs for cleaning. The moths were flying inside the car and I could see them in my inside mirror. The owner said this Kerman rug was bought for $9,000 almost 20 years ago. We cleaned both rugs and repaired the Qum rug. I have not given estimate for the repair of the Kerman rug to the owner of this rug. It will cost him at least $6,000 and it will take 10 weeks to repair it.

Khosrow Sobhe
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