Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kilims, Kelims, Gilims Cleaning, Repair and Stain Removal in Los Angeles

We have received many Kilims (also spelled kelims or in Persian gelims) for cleaning, repair and color bleeding problems in the past few days.

Kilims are very decorative and can be used as floor covering, wall hanging, table or sofa covering and etc. Kilims are flat weaves and can be considered as rugs without pile. The designs of kilims are mostly geometrical compared with curvilinear designs of the rugs and carpets. Since kilims were originally used for domestic and household purposes, their designs have gone through less changes compared with the designs of Oriental rugs and carpets. The designs of kilims have gone under lesser changes since they were not made for market and commercial use.

I have noticed that those customers who have had kilims appreciate art and have been musicians, artists, designers or as such. Kilims are mostly produced in Iran and in Turkey on wool foundation. There are less expensive kilims made on cotton foundation as well. Afshars who reside in Kerman and Khorassan provinces in Iran make the most beautiful kilims in the world.

Historically, the Afshars were Turkoman tribe which became separated from other Turkoman groups. The Afshar tribes were first moved to the south of Kerman region in the sixteenth century by Shah Tahmasp, the second monarch of the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736).

Some Afshars can be found near Mashad (north east of Iran), as well as in the region near Bidjar (north west of Iran) and in other areas. Traditional Turkic dialects still spoken by some Afshars. In providing the above mentioned text, we consulted the following: Opie, James Tribal Rugs The Tolstoy Press, Portland, Oregon 1992.

We have utilized the fine weaving tradition of the region to program and supply the finest type of flat weaves which have received a very warm welcome from both the industry and the end users. Some experts refer to this kind of weave as Soumak.The patient Afshar ladies are the creators of these fine pieces of arts. Theseno-pile flat weaves are very decorative and match many kinds of interior designs these days.

Afshar flat weaves are made on both vertical and horizontal looms. Vertical looms are more sanitary and better ergonomically for the weavers.

We have many Afshar kilims in our Los Angeles rug gallery.

Khosrow Sobhe

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