Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moth Damaged Hand Knotted Oriental Carpets and Rugs in Los Angeles

More than any other types of damages, we receive rugs which are damaged by moths. Many people store the rugs in dark and humid places without vacuuming or cleaning them for a long time. There are so much protein and food stuff in rugs and this provides the condition for the eggs and larvae of the moth to grow. Moth damages and bytes the knots and the rug starts loosing the knots and pile. We send these rugs to rug facility to be washed with ample water and soap and dry under sun. After that, we have to make the foundation by providing the warps (vertical threads) and wefts (horizontal threads).

In this post, you may find several pictures of 77 moth damaged rugs a customer gave us for cleaning and repair last week. Some of these hand knotted rugs were totally destroyed so we consulted the customer and threw them in the trash can. They were not worth repairing!!

Khosrow Sobhe

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Anonymous said...

What a shame! I seem to have found in some cases, larvae appear to concentrate and eat certain colors. Sometimes they seem to avoid others... Is this possible?

Either way, moths are a tremendous problem. It is true they go directly for areas which have soda stains or other dirty areas of a rug.

Without a doubt, rugs should ALWAYS be washed prior to storage, and certainly good consideration toward location of storage is very important. Washing a rug is a much less expensive proposition than repairing a rug, or even losing it to such damages.

Temperature and humidity should all be carefully assessed, as conditions aid in incubation!