Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday and My Rug Gallery in Los Angeles

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday and I am in our rug gallery in Los Angeles. I had an appointment with a client who showed up. We are expecting two more customers to stop by today.

It is my younger son's birthday today. He is turning 17. His name is Khashaiar (Xerxes, The Persian king who lived around 480 B.C.) but his friends call him Kash. He is a junior at the eleventh grade in Beverly Hills High School. This semester he is taking several college-level AP courses. Like his older brother Ashkan, he wants to study Information Technology and Information Systems. He is a very dedicated, hard working and ambitious young man. He has designed a web site called:
Students can upload their homework on this web site and share them with other students and work on their homework and assignments from anywhere they go. We are supposed to go out for dinner tonight. Kash is supposed to choose the place. He is more like to go to a younger generation type of restaurant such as In-N-Out or Chillie's compared with traditional Italian or Persian cuisins. It is his birthday and he should decide where to eat (only today!)

Khosrow Sobhe

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