Monday, January 24, 2011

Are These Really Art?

My wife and I went to Los Angeles Art Show yesterday. It was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was Sunday and the last day of the show. Many artists from around the world had participated in this show. We saw all kinds of paintings and sculptures. Some of them looked strange, but can you tell the artists that these are not art?! I don't think so. Paintings were from a couple of hundred dollars to around $300,000. I am sure there were more expensive pieces, but these were the prices for the items we liked and did not buy!

In front of an art booth, there was a nude statute of a young lady. I did not dare to touch it to see if it was real or not. While I was passing the booth and taking a picture, I heard from the artist that she (the statue) would take a 15-minute break momentarily! Her picture is the second one from the top on this post.

I am posting few pictures of these so called art works. Art is a very subjective word to define and open to different criteria and interpretations. Does it consider the aesthetics, appeals, skills of the artists, materials used in the piece, or what? Do you have to have it by birth or you can study and acquire it?

Anyway, we enjoyed the show and visited the Los Angeles Gift Show after that. This show was also a good one and was worth visiting.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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Deidre said...

We went on Saturday and weren't too impressed. Too many things that seemed derivative of other things and too little craft was in play. I did love seeing the old prints and etchings though as well as some of the larger paintings. Some of the art from China were interesting. Love this one it reminded me of Bosch's tower of Babel.