Friday, May 20, 2011

A Beautiful Tapestry in Los Angeles Museum of Art LACMA

Once in a while I visit Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA. It is 3-4 miles away from my work and my home so I have no excuse not to visit it regularly. I am a member so I don't have to pay $15 per visit. Isn't this nice?!

In my lats visit, a beautiful huge tapestry caught my eyes. The size was 9' 9" x 14' 10 (117 x 178 inches, 297 x 452 cm). It was on display in the Hammer Building, third floor, room 310. This was made in Belgium in 1740 to 1742 with silk and wool. This magnificent tapestry was given to LACMA as a gift by Paul Getty. It is the story of combat between Menelaus and Paris. It was OK to take pictures without flash. I took few pictures that I post here.

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