Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Think You Are Protecting Your Rugs?!

You have beautiful hand knotted rugs and would like to protect them from wear and tear. You put tapes full of chemicals on the fringes at the ends to protect the fringes and the carpets! This is wrong. Putting tapes and even worst, gluing it or using duct-tapes will destroy the fringes. Vacuum the rugs once in a week or so, professionally clean them by a rug cleaner and not a wall-wall carpet cleaner once in two years and be gentle with vacuuming the fringes to save and protect your rugs.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for letting clients know that TAPE is BAD for the fringes and rugs. We get rugs in that the clients rolled them up and put duct tape to hold them together and getting it off the fringes without pulling any out is hard.

So please STOP using tape on your rugs even if it just used to transport your rugs. It doesn't take long for the adhesives to stick to your rug and the fringes.

If you don't like the fringes on your rugs there are professional solutions. Talk to your professional rug cleaner to find out your options.

Rug Ideas Dr. Kay Sobhe (Los Angeles) said...

Hi Mary. Thank for your comment. We also receive rugs with tapes around them. Using a piece of rope to tighten the rug is much safer.

Kevin Pearson said...

We also receive rugs into our rug cleaning plant with tape on them either holding them together, or rug pad with sticky on it that is stuck to the back of the rug. We also receive them wrapped in plastic some times. These are all scenarios that are not good. Thanks for educating people on these issues.

Kevin Pearson