Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bakhtiar Bakhtiari Carpets and Rugs

Antique Bakhtiari garden carpet

The craftsmen of the Bakhtiari rug come from the Bakhtiari Tribe, located in the Chahar Mahal region of Iran. Here, the weavers drew their pattern and color inspiration from the elegant gardens of the Khans. The rugs featured garden patterns that were intricately decorated with flowers, birds, other animals, and Trees of Life. By the late 19th century, the rug industry was flourishing in the Chahar Mahal region and these Bahktiari artisans were provided with the best available materials.

In addition to their opulent colors (known to be among the brightest), Bahktiari-style rugs can be distinguished by their teeming design patterns that are mostly geometric and sometimes, semi-geometric. Their famous paneled design, in which each compartment presents a different motif and color from each neighboring compartment, has been popularly copied by China, Pakistan, India, and other areas of Iran. The compartments can be square, diamond, or hexagonal in shape. Finally, Bakhtiari-style rugs have another branch of rugs called, “Bibibaff.” These are considered among the finest and most traditional of the Chahar Mahal region because they are only made by women. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/explorethebeautyiran

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