Saturday, February 22, 2014

Salt Bags, Salt Bag Rugs and Carpets Are Tribal Objects of Art

Salt Bags Are Tribal Objects of Art. There are many commodities that have substitutes; salt is not one of them. Salt is an essential part of tribal life in Central Asia and Iran. Salt bags in Farsi, Namakdan, are decorative and utilitarian bags, not made for the market.They are made of kilims, flat weaves or rugs, or sometimes combination of the two. Some salt bags are made of damaged rugs or kilims as tribal life has zero tolerance for waste. To keep the salt inside, in annual migration, use, or storage, salt bags are tightly and finely woven. A salt bag has a very unique shape; a wide square or rectangular boday and a long, narrow neck to keep the slat (rock or powder) inside. In addition to salt, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, etc can be stored in salt bags. Many collectors buy and collect salt bags. It is fun to collect and sometimes to show them to guests as these bags are conversational pieces!

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