Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Rug Cleaning, Best Rug Cleaners in Los Angeles

A customer brought in a rug and said she wanted to wash the rug herself but was afraid of bleeding and color run; so she did not do it in her back yard.

I asked if she thought rug cleaning was do-it-yourself, and she said yes and no, but she mentioned she wanted to save money. I told her actually if you had washed the rug yourself, you would have lost money by damaging the rug.
 Rug cleaning is a specialty job. It requires expertise, experience and facility. Rugs should be thoroughly dusted first to make sure all the dust and dry soil is out. Otherwise dust and water becomes mud. Then special rug shampoo and not tide or other detergents should be used. Then jet guns, rotary machines, or other devices should be employed followed by a good rinsing to make sure all the shampoo and enzyme is flushed out and removed. There should be no residue left in the rug. Sometimes detailing of the fringes is necessary and should be done. Drying the rug properly is also very important otherwise rug would smell.
She was convinced that rug cleaning was not something she could do at home and said: "I am glad that my rug is in good hands now".

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
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