Saturday, September 6, 2014

A 5-Star Yelp Review From a Happy Client For Los Angeles Rug Cleaning

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So happy to find this business. This is a class-act professional business all the way! Kash is great and Dr. Kay is a wealth of knowledge and history.

Dropped off my rug to be cleaned and got an education about my rug and rugs in general.

UPDATE (overdue)
I got a call from Kash about a week to the day after dropping off my rug to advise me it was ready for pickup. Delighted, I eagerly went to pick up my rug and was pleased to get not just my clean, repaired rug, but a complete overview of the work performed with pictures! These guys are comprehensive. They rolled out my rug and proudly showed me all the work they did, referring back to the pictures. The pictures were like a visual history of the treatment and repair of my rug, including a pic of all the dust they removed from it before washing it (pretty gross to think of what is in a rug) - kind of amazing actually.

They had another customer's rug that they were beginning the cleaning of and showed me how much dust and dirt comes out of a rug, literally pounds depending on the size. Dr. K pulled out a few ziplock bags of dust removed from previous customer's rugs to show the volume and color of the dust - depending on the environment the rug was in and how long it had been since having been cleaned. Bottom line, if your rug has been lying on the floor for years, it is most likely filthy; no matter how often you vacuum it.

After de-dusting the rug they take measurements of the rug's chemistry and pH match the water they wash it with to ensure a good chemical cleaning; eventually bringing the rug to a neutral pH throughout the multistep process. The rug is then dried and repaired if needed. Some repairs are done before cleaning, some after. The repairs done on my rug included fraying edges, damaged fringe repair and stitching of a rip - all expertly done by master weavers.

At the end of the day, I have a clean, professionally repaired family heirloom rug that I can enjoy for years to come. I cannot stress how professional and transparent these guys are about what they do, it is refreshing and rewarding, and a very educational process. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. K and Kash (Dr. K's son) for all your rug cleaning and repair needs in 3 words: Competent, Professional, Inspirational. Great customer service, great bedside manner, and a great overall experience.

Thank you Dr. K and Kash!

ps. I asked Dr. K to email the pics he showed me of the cleaning process of my rug and I had them in my inbox by the time I got home from their shop. Wow.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)
Tel. 310-770-9085

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