Monday, September 15, 2014 is a blog you should read is a blog you should read if you're interested in learning about rugs. It is very educational and no one tries to sell you anything while you visit this informative blog. Here I am posting what I just read on

All You Need To Know About Rugs

There  are  many  different  rugs  out  in  the  market  today.  Hand made  and  machine  made.  Natural  fiber  and synthetic  fiber. Woven  and  tufted.  New  and  old.
The  one  thing  they  have  in  common  is  NO  INSTRUCTION MANUAL.
What  do  you  do  when  you  spill  on  them?  Is  it  okay  to  vacuum  them?  Why  is  your  rug  shedding,  or  why  does  it  smell,  or  will  it  discolor  your  floor?

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