Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to Hang or Mount Rugs and Tapestries?

Some of our clients have rugs and tapestries to hang and mount on their walls. They ask us about the proper way of doing this. Nailing, framing, using clips with sharp nails etc are not good options.
We have two better options. One is to sew a velcro strap on the back of the rug or tapestry. The other part of the velcro strap should be installed on the wall.

The better and more elegant option is to sew a pocket by hand on the back of the rug or tapestry. In this case, we can simply use a rod to put it in the pocket to hang the rug or tapestry on the wall. Rods are not expensive. You can buy them online or from Bed, Bath & Beyond or Home Depot for around $25 for a 4-6 foot long. Installation of them on your walls is also easy.

Give us a call in your convenience to discuss your project. Or just walk in with your rug or tapestry. No appointment is needed and consultation is always free.

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