Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Professional Rug Cleaning and Wine Stain Removal in the Greater Los Angeles

Let me tell you the story.

They spilled red wine on this beautiful Persian Malayer Hamedan runner. A good carpet cleaner applied some chemicals in the house and the small purple wine stain turned into a way bigger orange stain.

Kash our Certified Master Rug Cleaner washed it first and removed the chemicals and the hardened stiff orange parts became chemical free and soft. He then did stain removal and put the color back on the damaged spots.

In cases like these, home remedies do not work and many stuff you may have in your kitchen cabinets that have bleaching agents will make it worse. Blot the stain out with a piece of white cloth. Repeat the process to get most of the liquid (wine, tea, coffee, pet urine, etc) out. You can wash the area with water and maybe a couple of drops of dish washing liquid (normally they don't have bleaching agents or oxidizers), rinse it, elevate it from the floor (for the air to circulate) and let it dry.

You can also call a professional rug cleaner in your area (not a wall-wall carpet cleaner) to discuss this further.  

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