Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oriental Carpets and Rugs and Cleaning in Los Angeles

Persian Oriental and area rugs market has been slow lately in Los Angeles. Instead, we have been busy with Oriental carpet cleaning, repair, stain removal and appraisal. This brings income and traffic and some of the customers who give us the job for Oriental carpet cleaning, repair, and appraisal, buy rugs from us.

Few days ago, a customer stopped by with three rugs he had bought in Afghanistan while he was there on a mission as a surgeon. Two of his rugs were Afghan rugs made of wool pile on wool foundation. One of his rugs was made in Pakistan on cotton foundation with New Zealand wool.

We also received several rugs from a customer who lives in a city 120 miles north of Los Angeles. He brought in several rugs for cleaning and one fine Persian hand knotted Tabriz carpet for water damage restoration. There was color bleeding all over the rug. They had a water pipe brokage at night at their dining room while they were asleep in the bedroom. It was the next morning when they got up and saw their beautiful Tabriz rug floating over the water in the dining room. We took care of the bleeding.

Khosrow Sobhe

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Sobhe,

In this post you mention about color run. It reminded me several days ago about a Qom rug with pet stain you posted photos on your blog of. That rug appeared to have some color run in the before pictures. After you were done with cleaning, it looked great, and no color run!

It is so important these rugs get taken care of by the professionals such as yourselves.