Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our New Year's Eve Celebration

Last night we went to an Italian restaurant with few other friends to have dinner and to celebrate the new year of 2009. Although we are not Christian, or American, and the new year is not our Persian new year, but we celebrate all good events and celebrations if we can. It is good to be with freinds and even with the people you do not know if you can find a common ground. the owner of this fine Italian restaurant is Iranian. There were probably around 120 people in the restaurant. The food was good, and so was the live music. In between, we had some Persian music as well for maybe 30-40 Iranian guests who were there.

Few second before 12:00 am, everybody was shouting and counting the seconds and on the turn of the hour all of us cheered and celebrated the good time we had there. It was a fine and lovely evening.

I wish we will have a year full of peace and understanding for everybody and all the nations.

Khosrow Sobhe

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