Friday, February 26, 2010

Ghotogh Persian Rugs: A fine Piece for Sales

Gholtogh Rugs

Gholtogh is a very small town in the province of Zandjan in north west Iran. The province of Zangjan is surrounded with seven states of West Azarbayjan, East Azarbayjan, Ardabil, Guilan, Qazvin, Hamedan, and Kurdistan. All of these provinces except Guilan have excellent rug weaving traditions. There was a good tradition of rug weaving in this little town by Kurdish nomads and semi-nomads which were settled.
The rugs which are made in Gholtogh are in small sizes and have geometric patterns. In many cases, there is a diamond shape medallion in the center. The colors are strong and the weavers love to use orange, red, mustard yellow and deep blue colors. The foundation of Gholtogh carpets is cotton and the pile is made of sheep wool. These rugs are firm and dense and look like Bidjar rugs. This is due to the fact that each row of a Gholtogh rug is densely pounded by a metal comb and this makes the rug to become tightly woven. These rugs are double-wefted with symmetrical knots which are tightly knotted around two warps.

The piece shown here belongs to a private customer who wants to sell it. We do not ask for commission or any fee. It is a very nice piece and a collectible carpet. Those who maybe interested can directly contact the owner:

Amy Graves
P.O. Box 252054
Los Angeles, CA 90025
310-592-4175 Cell
310-967-4725 VM

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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