Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Persian carpet designs

Persian Carpet Designs

In a book called Persian Carpet Designs, by Mehry Reid, a reader can catch an insight at the hundreds of designs a Persian Carpet could possess. Reid was born in Iran and studied all over the world. She studied the many designs and arts of ceramic flower crafts and flower arrangements, along with many other fine arts.

In the beginning of the book, Reid gives a brief introduction to the Persian Carpet. She defines the many different terms, like Oriental and hand-knotted rugs. Reid also gives a short history to the Persian rug, dating these historic rugs to a beginning at least 3000 years ago. She tells readers where the first rugs were thought to have been created and about their detailed designs.

Reid also describes the making of an Oriental carpet in the introduction. She introduces the different types of fabric used and the different techniques of weaving. The introduction that is written is very informative and contains a very good chunk of quick information.

After the introduction, Reid has pages upon pages of examples of designs. Primarily the designs in this book are of floral prints, but the designs are not limited to that. There are many examples of central designs and more geometric patterns.

Reid describes that the designs presented in her book are not necessarily basic patterns, since over the years many weavers modified these patterns and changed them to their personal preferences. Reid also states that in this book it would not be a surprise if a reader found more than one design that was featured in one rug. Many designs were meshed together to create one overall pattern.

Overall, the book takes a dip into the history of the Persian Carpet, with information that is small in quantity, but full with knowledge. There are many designs that are common to carpets found today and those from many years ago. The book is full of wonderful examples, and can show any reader how unique and varied Persian Rugs can be.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
Certified Rug Specialist (CRS)

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