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Edward Fields Carpet Cleaning and Care Los Angeles

Edward Fields Rugs and Carpets

The creation of Edward Field’s rugs began in 1935. Edward fields created a carpet that was like none other; he also single handedly created and coined the term “area rug”. These rugs are known for their high quality and the fact that they are like hand tufted. Edward Fields created a tufting gun that was used for his floor coverings. This gun allowed for varying thicknesses and different designs throughout the Edward Fields carpet.

Edward Fields rugs are made with wool combinations and a type of cotton backing in some of the qualities. These rugs are very high quality and are featured in very sophisticated places like the White House’s Oval Office. In 1979 Fields died and left the company to his son. After two decades the company began to see a decline in business and was starting to suffer.

In 2005 Tai Ping floor coverings bought out Edward Fields carpets in an attempt to save the company and improve their own. Tai Ping brought Edward Fields back to life by researching what made the company thrive and reapplying what had worked before. Tai Ping combined the high qualities of both companies and made phenomenal carpets. Since they are based in China, they were able to introduce new materials, like silk and jute, and mesh the different designs from both companies to create fresh new looks while still perfecting old designs.

A floor covering that is very similar in style to Edward Fields rugs are V’Soske carpets. They began in 1924 with owner Stanislav V’Soske. He created the first hand tufted wool rug, by poking the wool through a cotton base with a strong needle. This allowed for the tufts to have different heights, colors and designs. His designs are still in high demand and are known for its high quality.

Scott Group rugs started as Scott Carpet Mills, in 1969 by owner Steve Sellinger. Their floor coverings were hand woven and machine made wool carpets with custom designs. In 1982 the company merged with another carpet maker and Scott Group was created. The corporation takes pride in the fact that they run the whole company from one building and because of that they can oversee the whole process of creating the floor covering from start to finish, while making sure everything goes flawlessly. Scott group uses all natural and recyclable wool that they get from New Zealand. They also use silk and cashmere for their carpets. They are now known as Scott Group Custom Carpets.

Hokanson rugs was founded in 1987 by Larry Hokanson. These carpets are known for their intricate designs that reflect traditional designs and more modern-contemporary looks. The floor coverings also are known for their diverse use of different fabrics throughout the carpet. The company has 500 standard patterns, but they are easily manipulated to reflect a custom design. You can change the colors and the different materials used to make it your own. The company uses many different materials for their fabrics including wool, silk, linen, viscose, and sisal. The many variations they can create makes for a unique floor covering.

All of the rug companies featured, Edward Fields, V’Soske, Scott Group, Hokanson and Tai-Ping, all make very high quality luxury carpets. It is very important to get these floor covering professionally cleaned as any careless carpet cleaning will surely cause permanent damage to the carpet. At Los Angeles Rug Cleaning we offer a plethora of services from cleaning, restoration and repairs to appraisals. If you have any questions about your hand tufted floor covering feel free to call Dr. Kay at (310) 770-9085. Dr. Kay is a certified rug specialist and can answer any questions you have!

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