Saturday, June 11, 2011

Afshars, Afshar Kilims, Afshar Rugs, Afshar Flat Weaves

A large body of weaving from southern Iran, bear the label "Afshar" also known as "Kilim" (also spelled Kelim and Gilim). Historically, the Afshars were Turkoman tribe which became separated from other Turkoman groups. The Afshar tribes were first moved to the south of Kerman region in the sixteenth century by Shah Tahmasp, the second monarch of the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736).

Some Afshars can be found near Mashad (north east of Iran), as well as in the region near Bidjar (north west of Iran) and in other areas. Traditional Turkic dialect is still spoken by some Afshars. In providing the above mentioned text, we consulted the following: Opie, James Tribal Rugs The Tolstoy Press, Portland, Oregon 1992.

We have utilized the fine weaving tradition of the region to program and supply the finest type of flat weaves which have received a very warm welcome from both the industry and the end users. Some experts refer to this kind of weave as Soumak. The patient Afshar ladies are the creators of these fine pieces of arts.

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