Monday, June 27, 2011

Bakhtiari Carpets, Bakhtiari Rugs

Bakhtiari tribal weavers who live in south west Iran make beautiful and long lasting hand knotted rugs. Once in a while we receive Bakhtiari rugs and Bakhtiari carpets for cleaning and repair. They usually come in corner/central medallion or multi-panel garden, or roses designs with cotton foundation and wool pile. Like Hamedan carpets, they are single wefted with symmetrical knots. 6' x 9' is a usual size, although some pieces may come in smaller sizes or in 9' x 12'. Rarely we receive 10' x 14' and it was two weeks ago that we picked up a huge 12' x 16' Bakhtiari carpet for repair. Bakhtiari people are pure Iranians not migrated from neighboring countries. One of the motifs and symbols often used in Bakhtiari carpets is the Cypress tree which stands for bravery and defending the tribe. Wool sheering from the back of sheep and dyeing is usually done by men and weavers are Bakhtiari women.

I saw a great Bakhtairi documentary film last night. I am sharing its trailer with you here.  

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