Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ardabil Carpets LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art: A Confession to Make!

I visited the Ardabil carpet in LACMA for the second time in a week. I have to confess. I did a very bad thing! I should not have done this, but I did it. I hope the Ardabil carpet forgives me.

Whenever I see a carpet/rug, no matter where, I have to flip a corner of it over to see the back of it and its knots and layout/construction. This maybe a bad habit but I cannot help it. I even do this when we (my family and I) go to our friends' homes to visit them. My wife always reminds me that I should not do this. But she has not been able to correct me on this issue for the past 28 years we have been married. I did the same thing to the Ardabil carpet! When the guards were not noticing me, I touched the carpet and flipped a corner of it over to see the back. I could not see the knots, but at least I fulfilled my curiosity! This carpet had a linen backing for extra protection and support installed in its last cleaning process which took place in London royal textile preservation facility few years ago.

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