Monday, May 7, 2012

A Rug Is Not Only A Rug!

 A rug is more than a rug! It is a weaver's few months to few years of life. It is a family tradition. It is a culture and sub-culture. It is art on the loom and then art on the floor. It is history. It is the identity of the village or town, city, province and the country in which it was woven. It talks. It tells stories. It walks and flies. It goes from one place to another. It is an ambassador of love, art, culture, history and traditions.

 The motifs and designs represent believes and stories. They can also reflect what is happening in the village or town in which the rug was made.

The design of the rug shows if it comes from a workshop, a village or a tribe. The technique by which a rug is made and the layout of that rug shows its origin, village, tribe, province or the country.

 What a big world is a small rug?! Full of mysteries, un-told stories, and histories. Out of many types of rugs, which ones are my favorite rugs? Village and tribal rugs. Why? Cause each one is like a mystery box, full of secrets and excitements.

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