Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sheepskin Cleaning

At Rug Ideas we clean not only Persian and Oriental carpets but many other types as well, including sheepskin rugs(see a great previous post on sheepskin rugs HERE). Today's post involves the cleaning of a black sheepskin rug that a customer brought in earlier this week. The rug in question had been used for many years without a cleaning which was immediately evident upon seeing it. Take a look below:
Every rug is different, and sheepskins need a different kind of cleaning approach that other rugs. The pile on sheepskins is often very high, like shag rugs, but also very delicate as one can tell when pulling on the fibers. We know the construction of sheepskin rugs very well since we've dealt with them for over 50 years. This rug went through our deep cleaning process and we were 'wowed' by the results. Take a look below:
Not only is this sheepskin totally cleaned, sanitized & deodorized but the black sheen has come back as well. If you have a sheepskin that has been ignored for a couple years and needs a good cleaning, bring it in to Rug Ideas!

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