Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeping It Clean For The Kids

Once a child enters the family it is common to see the parents go out of their way to make sure everything around the house is clean and safety inspected. That brings us to today's post which involves a pink area rug that was used in a child's room. During the course of use in their home for about a year the rug had seen a LOT of foot/crawl traffic and had picked up loads of dirt. Take a look below:
It was actually hard to tell just how dirty the rug was since it had been completely covered in a layer of dust and dirt. We proceeded to give the rug our deep cleaning process and it did wonders. Not only was it deep cleaned but also sanitized and deodorized. And at Rug Ideas we use no harsh chemicals in the process so it was safe to use in a baby's room afterwards. Take a look at the results below:
The rug looks absolutely brand new now and is ready to be rolled out in our customers house. The owner was extremely happy and was also surprised at how dirty the rug actually was. We scheduled a yearly reminder to check in on the foot traffic of the rug which is a courtesy we offer to all of our customers. If you have a child in your home and are looking to make sure your rugs are free of dust and dirt come to Rug Ideas where we can help you keep your rugs in pristine condition!

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