Friday, June 22, 2012

Shag Cleaning- From Shabby to Chic

A customer brought in his shag rug from his house last week that hadn't been cleaned in about 4 years. It sat in his living room and it's sheen had definitely gone elsewhere. The owner really noticed when he moved a table that was sitting on top of the rug and unpleasantly surprised. Take a look below:
This shag was in desperate need of a deep cleaning... Rug Ideas to the rescue! We don't do any kind of steam cleaning; we do wet washing to give the rugs that come to us the best possible cleaning available. Plus since shags have a much higher pile than ordinary rugs, steam cleaning would just not do the job. In just a few days we had the finished result, which can be seen below:
Our customer, needless to say, was astounded with how clean his shag turned out. Not only did he proudly take this shag home but has set up a time for us to receive 2 more rugs in his house that need the same Rug Ideas treatment. No matter what type of rug you have, you can count on Rug Ideas to provide the solution to getting it beautiful and deep cleaned!

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