Monday, June 4, 2012

Oriental and Persian Rugs/carpets

Rooms look empty and cold without carpets in them. Oriental carpets and area rugs add warmth and character to the rooms in which they are used. A room without a rug is like a body without sole. When you want to buy a rug for your room, size is the first matter you should pay attention to. Then comes color. If your room is small and dark, you may consider getting a light color rug to brighten the room. Design is another consideration. Rugs with lesser designs/motifs can be used better is busy rooms with too many furniture and wall hangings.

You have to know your budget as well. If you have a low budget, you may then plan on getting an area rug, which is machine made. Handmade rugs are more expensive and good investment if you can afford them. Tufted rugs are not handmade. They are made by using tufting guns and since they are not knotted, manufacturers use glue/latex in the back and cover the back of the rugs with fabrics. These disintegrate by the passage of time or washing and look ugly. They may also smell because of the latex.

If you do not know rugs, try to know your Oriental rug dealer. See if he is knowledgeable and knows rugs. Do not get trapped in discount games and retirement/going-out-of-business sales. Ask for a detailed invoice and a clear return policy. The dealer should write down whatever he claims the rug to be on his signed invoice.

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