Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rug Stain Removal at Rug Ideas in Los Angeles

Stain removal from rugs is a little more difficult  than what it looks in the beginning. It is not a do-it-yourself job at all. We have had many clients with stained rugs who went online or to a supermarket to buy chemicals to remove pet urine or red wine from their rugs. Stains maybe petroleum based such as adhesives, grease, ink, etc. They maybe organic based such as coffee, tea, vomit, blood, mold, urine, etc. Or stains can be synthetic based like cough syrup, Kool-Aid, fruit punch, etc.

Each of these three mentioned categories, need special type of treatment for the stain to be removed. Other players also come in to the game such as the construction of the rug. For example if a rug has silk foundation or silk pile, some precautionary steps should be taken, otherwise, rug maybe severely damaged in the process of stain removal. In some cases, using unknown chemicals and applying them to the stains, will make it more difficult for a professional to remove the stains. Some of these unknown supermarket stuffs would bleach the rugs.
 Client washed this Tabriz carpet at home and it bled.
This is the pictures of the same Tabriz carpet after stain removal.
A Chinese carpet with dog urine in it.
The same Chinese carpet after stain removal.

Accidents happen. Do not panic. When you spill something on your rug, blot it up as much as you can and do not use any kind of chemicals. Contact a professional who knows rugs and has worked with rug stain removal. Wall-wall carpet cleaners cannot help. You can also call us and discuss it or send us a couple of pictures of the stained area. We will give you some tips and we maybe able to provide you an estimate for stain removal over the phone after we see the pictures.

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