Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tow Most Rug Damages Are Pet Urine, and Moth

We receive many damaged rugs for cleaning and repair everyday. Most damages come from pets and then moths. Some pets have health issues, and some are territorial. They mark a rug and go back to the same spot and indirectly tell their owners, hey, this is my territory. They should be trained or at least kept away from the rugs.

When  pet accident happens, do not panic. Act fast and try to get the stuff out of the rug as much as you can and then call a professional rug and not a carpet cleaner for help. Do not use any kind of super market sprays or chemicals as there is no magic solution out there that acts like one size fits all to remove the stains and odor of all kinds of pets and for all types of rugs. It is more complicated than that. By using super market stuff, you may actually make the stain permanent or at least make it more difficult for a professional to remove. You may also bleach the rug if you do not know what you're using.
In case of moth, cleaning and regular vacuuming is very important. If you want to store the rug, it should be professionally cleaned and wrapped. You should not put a dirty rug in a plastic bag in leave in the basement or storage. This provides the ground and environment for the moths to infest the rug. Wool is protein and that is food for moth.

We just received this rug from San Francisco by UPS sent to us by a client who left it in storage for a few years. Saving this rug would be difficult and very costly. Preventative measure would be easier to take and way less expensive. Professional cleaning, and proper wrapping with a little care and maintenance was the solution to prevent this kind of damages.

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