Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hookah Charcoal Marks On A Shag Carpet

A young man who seemed very nervous walked in with a 5' x 8' shag rug and asked "do you clean rugs?".I said yes, we do. Then we opened his rug which was white when it was new. It was dirty with a couple of somehow big and noticeable stains and burn-marks. I asked what those stains were, and he said charcoal. Apparently, parents were out and he had friends over and you can guess the rest of the story.
I said we do not promise to remove the stains and the marks completely, but we will do our best to clean this shag rug and bring it back to life again. We inspected the carpet first and took several before pictures. Then we dusted the rug to remove the dust and dry soil. Washing a rug without proper dusting will give it a bath in its own mud.

We washed the rug multiple times and rinsed it thoroughly to make sure we leave nothing behind and inside the high pile. We dried it and then did some spot stain removal and it looked very clean and nice again. When this client came in to pick it up in a week, we opened the rug in front of him and told him since we were not able to clean the rug and remove the charcoal stains/marks, we're giving you a brand new rug. He seemed a little confused for a few seconds and did not know what to say. Our employees were also wondering what I was doing. I laughed and told the client that I was kidding him and then he felt relieved. He picked up the rug and happily left our store.

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