Monday, August 4, 2014

Big Rugs In Los Angeles: Cleaning, Repair & Appraisal at Rug Ideas

Lately, we have been busy with cleaning different big rugs from different clients. Big rugs are difficult to handle and bring in, so usually we pick them up from our clients rather than them dropping the rugs off.
This was a 14' x 24' antique hand knotted Persian carpet we picked up, cleaned, repaired, and returned to one of our good, repeat clients in Beverly Hills.
We picked up this big 13' x 23' Turkish carpet from a client's penthouse in Los Angeles down town for cleaning and stain guarding.

She wanted to store the rug for a while, so we professionally wrapped it with acid-free paper and sealed it for a long term storage.
Another big fat thick rug which we picked up for cleaning, and moth treatment/spray. Can you imagine how heavy these rugs become after they are wet washed?
This 14' x 24' Indian carpet has been the heaviest of all. We picked this up along with 15 other rugs for cleaning and repair. We need for helper to move this around. It had moth infestation so we had to spray moth guard on the front and back of it before the delivery.

No matter what the size is, we clean any type and any size rug. Give us a call for pick up today. 

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